Thursday, September 09, 2004

I hate 4:3 Full Screen

Why is this happening ? Few years ago when dvd started to take over VHS and my Video Rental Store started to have lots of them , most of them were 16:9. Most people hated the black borders but I liked it , finally I could watch a movie theater perspective , with the time going the affordable prices of dvd players and even widescreen crt's getting cheaper. Why the hell there is so many 4:3 videos on my rental store. They used to have a big header written FULLSCREEN or WIDESCREEN in them , now I rented 2 movies (Peter Pan and Hangman's curse) and both of them are 4:3 with a little warning on the back , hell 4:3 looks worse on a 4:3 tv then 16:9 do ... Well looks like I need to be more careful when renting my next movies.


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